Hymen Planting Turkey

Hymen Planting Turkey
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    What is Hymen Planting Turkey?

    In order to eliminate the problems that arise as a result of the rupture of the hymen structure in the female reproductive organ, hymen planting Turkey may be preferred. As a result of the application of this method, it is possible to eliminate the problems in patients. 

    When Should Hymen Planting Turkey Be Done?

    There is no specific time for repairing the teared hymen. In addition, it can also be repaired within 7 to 10 days after the wedding night. However, having sexual intercourse for a long time is not a problem for the surgery.  

    What is the anatomical structure of the hymen?

    The hymen, which is usually in the mucous structure, can also be said to be quite small in size and thickness. Today, with the sensitive application of such procedures, it has become possible to eliminate the ruptures that occur at the entrance of the vagina.

    Is the hymen the same in every woman?

    It can be said that the structure of the hymen is not the same in every woman. However, with the implementation of the aforementioned treatment possibilities, it has become possible to obtain successful results in different female patients. In some women, the hymen has a much thinner structure, while the absence of the hymen can also be seen.

    How many different varieties /types of hymen are there?

    Although there are several different varieties of hymens, the most well-known form is the type called anunal, which has a round gap in the middle. Although this is usually the most common type of hymen, there are also different types of hymens.

    How are the hymen examination findings described to the person by the doctor?

    For such treatments, first of all the doctor needs to carry out the necessary examination. Subsequently, treatment is applied, if necessary. During the treatment phase, the doctor should provide the patient with the necessary information regarding the current problem. In addition, it is necessary to provide the necessary information about the repair process of the hymen.  

    Why is a hymen examination performed?

    Such examinations, which can also be a harbinger of various problems in women, are also important for sexual health. In today’s world, examination is carried out at the stage of meeting such expectations of individuals and hymenoplasty can be performed when necessary as a treatment method.

    How does the hymen rupture and bleed?

    During sexual intercourse, a pinkish blood flow occurs as a result of the rupture of the hymen. This bleeding is in the form of small-scale bleeding, and it is normal for the patient to feel pain. Following the rupture, different bleeding can also be seen, usually.

    Does the flexible hymen bleed during the first sexual intercourse?

    Although it is a common belief among the people, bleeding is expected during the first intercourse. However, in some patients, due to the elastic structure of the hymen, the hymen does not bleed during the first intercourse. Although the rupture of the flexible hymen during sexual intercourse is the most common condition, this is not seen in some cases.

    How much bleeding occurs after the first sexual intercourse?

    Bleeding that occurs during the first intercourse, generally lasts 3 or 4 days and ends. After that, if there is a flexible structure, it appears that there is a small amount of bleeding. However, depending on the rupture, it may also be observed that the bleeding ends within a few hours. Nowadays, hymen repair can occur for such reasons.

    When does the bleeding stop after the first sexual intercourse?

    Depending on how much the hymen is torn after the first intercourse, it is possible to provide treatment for the patients. In addition, some patients bleed for up to 3 days, but if there is a flexible hymen structure, it can be seen that there is a small amount of bleeding and ends after 3 or 4 hours.

    In what cases does the hymen rupture except for sexual intercourse?

    Some patients may experience hymen bleeding for physical reasons, as well as for reasons such as heavy lifting. Hymen bleeding does not occur only as a result of sexual intercourse. Bleeding is possible for various reasons other than sexual intercourse. The hymen repair may be required.  

    Is it Possible to Repair the Hymen?

    With the advantages of today’s treatment methods, it is possible with hymen repairing. At the same time, simple and effective methods come to the fore in order to meet such needs during the treatment of patients.

    Hymen Repair Methods

    Microsurgical methods are applied during the hymen repairing stage, especially the flap method. In addition, vaginal tightening applications are also among the preferred methods during the during the repairing phase.  

    How Much Does Hymen Planting Turkey Cost 2024?

    Hymen repair fees usually cost between 3000-6000€,. Different techniques can be applied in the repair of the hymen, as well as laser or surgical procedures, therefore, price differences can be experienced. Pricing varies according to the technique to be used and whether the procedure will be done according to the temporary or permanent method.  

    Will it be obvious that the hymen is repaired?

    This procedure is performed for the purpose of bleeding. If sexual intercourse is provided following the completion of the healing, it cannot be understood by the partner.

    Will the hymen bleed for sure after hymenoplasty Turkey?

    If performed by an experienced specialist physician using appropriate techniques, hymen bleeding is a guaranteed procedure.

    Is hymenoplasty Turkey the definitive solution?

    The purpose of hymen repair is to see bleeding after sexual intercourse. Bleeding is definitely seen after repair by a specialist physician.

    What should be considered following the hymen repair operation?

    Following the operation, patients need to pay attention to the health of the vagina for a certain period of time. The patient may also need to avoid physical activities that are strenuous. 

    Does the repaired hymen bleed 100%?

    After the repair, bleeding appears in the hymen. Even in people who have had sexual intercourse for a long time, it is known that bleeding occurs again. Nowadays, by the method of repair, it is possible to achieve the initial state of the vagina.

    Can the repaired hymen be understood by the person who has intercourse?

    It is not possible for the partner to understand the repair process. Mainly, since a hymen structure as before is possible with the repair, it is possible to perform such repair processes.

    Is it possible to repair the hymen in those who have a flexible hymen?

    It is possible for any patient to be treated with surgery for this type of repair. At the same time, after the repair, a hymen structure emerges just like before.

    Can people who have given birth also have their hymen repaired?

    It is possible that such hymen structures, which are deteriorated due to both birth and sexual intercourse, are the same as before. For such reasons, hymen repair procedures are preferred.

    Is it possible to tears the hymen with a finger or a foreign object during masturbation?

    If the opening is too small, it is possible to disrupt the hymen with such procedures. Therefore, it is necessary to know the structure of the hymen.

    Can the teared hymen heal on its own?

    Usually, if the tear is at a high level, the hymen should be restored by surgery. As a result, it is possible to eliminate hymen problems in this way.

    Can a person control their own hymen?

    It may be necessary to seek help from a specialist doctor in this regard. However, it is not healthy for a person to exercise self-control in this regard.

    Is it possible to get pregnant without tears the hymen?

    Even if the hymen is not tears, pregnancy is possible. Nowadays, in cases where external fertilization is seen in some patients, it is seen that the hymen is not tears.

    Is it possible to have an abortion without tears the hymen?

    Since the abortion is performed using an instrument, disruption of the hymen is seen. Therefore, tear of the hymen can occur during an abortion.

    Is it understandable that I had the hymenoplasty?

    Because of the generally applied treatment methods and as a result of successful procedures, it is not understood that such hymens are repaired again.

    Is hymen repair understandable in intercourse?

    It is not possible for a person to understand this during intercourse. At the same time, a successful operation is made with the repair of the hymen.

    Is hymen repair understood in a medical examination?

    The repair procedures are difficult to understand during the examination, and the experience of the doctor is important in this regard.

    Is temporary hymen repair understandable?

    Since a structure similar to its original state emerges with the repair of the hymen, the application of such methods is not a problem.

    Is permanent hymen repair understandable?

    Since a structure similar to its original form emerges with the suturing of the hymen, the application of such methods is not a problem.

    How many cm inside the hymen?

    The hymen is a membrane structure in the mucous structure located 1.5 cm inside the part called the vagina.

    How long does the hymenoplasty Turkey last?

    With permanent repair, a long-term durability is possible. In addition, earlier strength is seen with temporary repair.

    When does hymen repair heal?

    It is possible for such hymen repair procedures to return to normal in about 3 weeks. 

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