Labiaplasty Turkey

Labiaplasty Turkey
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    What is Labiaplasty Turkey?

    The Labiaplasty Turkey is anatomically, because the labia majors cover the labia minora, known as the inner lip, it is invisible when viewed from the outside. There are two labia minora. It folds over the clitoris and joins in a pleat. For various reasons, prolapse and enlargement occur in the labium. Labiaplasty Turkey surgery is performed to correct this.

    If we explain with a simple definition, the surgical correction of the labia minora, that is labia minora which located under the labia majora, that is labia majora, is called Labiaplasty Turkey. The labia minora do not contain fat and hair cells. It is located just inside the labia majora. For this reason, it is invisible when viewed from the outside. They are rich in blood vessels and have a constantly moist structure in terms of structure.

    The labium is a thin skin fold-like structure that lies between the outer lips. Converging at the midline, it covers the clitoris. It consists of a moist skin called mucosa. It stays under the outer lips. Its task is to keep the organ moist and protect it from external factors. Labiums can wear out over time or grow too large. In such cases, Labiaplasty Turkey surgery may be appropriate.

    Why is Labiaplasty Turkey Applied?

    If there are asymmetrical disorders, recurrent infections, painful sexual intercourse and restrictions in movements due to excessive growth of the labia minors, Labiaplasty Turkey surgery becomes a mandatory treatment.

    Normally, the outer lips completely cover the inner lips. However, due to factors such as birth and birth traumas, abrupt changes in hormones due to puberty and menopause, or rapid weight gain and loss, prolapsing of the inner lips may occur and problems such as the inability of the outer lips to fully cover the inner lips. Or even if none of these factors are present, prolapsing may occur due to aging.

    Regardless of the reason, these prolapse can lead to loss of self-confidence in people due to the unpleasant appearance that occurs when they exceed normal sizes. Although it is not always a medical necessity, it is likely to negatively affect the lives of people who have this problem.

    To Whom Can Labiaplasty Turkey Be Applied?

    Any woman who has completed puberty or is over the age of 18, who is faced with prolapsing of the inner lip and has problems as a result, can have this procedure. People who are in menopause or who are virgins can also have this surgery. If labia minora prolapsing has become serious enough to adversely affect the quality of life, or if it is medically necessary, it is decided.

    If there is no obstacle in terms of surgery, every woman can undergo this operation after getting the approval of her physician. Although such problems usually occur after childbirth, they can also occur in people who have never given birth or in virgins. These people may also request this surgery in order not to experience a lack of self-confidence.

    Is Labiaplasty Turkey expensive?

    The price becomes clear after the procedures to be performed according to the anatomy and needs of the person are determined. It can vary between 600€ – 1000€ on average. In addition, the procedures can still be performed with local or sedation anesthesia, which may slightly change the price.

    How and Where Is Labiaplasty Turkey Performed?

    This surgery on the genital organ is an operation in which sterility is very important. For this reason, it is appropriate to be performed by specialist physicians in sterile environments such as hospitals or clinics. First, you need to decide whether you are a suitable candidate.

    If the physician decides that you are a suitable candidate as a result of the evaluation, first of all, he will inform you about the details of the procedure, what to do after the operation, and the image you will obtain as a result of the surgery.

    This procedure can be performed under local or sedation anesthesia. The duration of the operation may vary according to the patient’s condition. However, it is generally expected to take between 30 and 60 minutes. During the anesthetic procedure, the patient does not have the opportunity to feel pain.

    Disorders known as inner lip prolapse cause many problems in women. These problems can affect both their daily lives and sexual lives and cause self-confidence problems in women. The labia minora should normally remain inside the outer lips. But due to some factors, there may be outward prolapse.

    What are the Reasons for Labiaplasty Turkey Surgery?

    There are many reasons for this surgery to be performed. But the most common reason for Labiaplasty Turkey is prolapse of labia minora. In addition, surgery can be performed due to symmetry problems between the two lips.

    What are Labiaplasty Turkey Methods?

    There are different surgical methods such as V plasty, Curvilinear amputation (partial resection), Wedge resection, Laser Labiaplasty Turkey , Z plasty, Delamination technique and Star Labiaplasty Turkey.

    Which is the Best Technique?

    The best and most preferred Labiaplasty technique is barbie vagina technique.

    Can it be done to virgins too?

    Since the hymen is 3-4 cm inside the operation area, no harm will occur.

    Who Should Perform the Surgery?

    It should be performed by specialist physicians in a sterile environment.

    What Awaits You After Labiaplasty Turkey?

    After the operation, it is possible to experience small leaks in the treated area. Bleeding is not very common. In the first days, a tiny tenderness and swelling may occur in the operation area. It is recommended that you follow your doctor’s recommendations for this swelling.

    The applied stitches are aesthetic stitches, they fall off or are absorbed within a maximum of two weeks. Against the possible pain after the operation, it is recommended to take treatment under the supervision of a physician. There is no harm in returning to your work within 1-2 days following the procedure.

    It takes approximately 30 days for the wound to heal completely. Hygiene is very important in this process in order not to get an infection. It is necessary to pay utmost attention to hygiene and the recommendations given by your doctor during the healing process. In this process, dressings should be carried out without interruption.

    Movements and situations that will force the territory should be avoided. During this period, public places such as baths and jacuzzis should be avoided against the risk of infection. But you can take a shower after the first day. You should not have sexual intercourse without full recovery. In the same way, it is necessary to avoid things that will cause damage, such as wax, before the healing is completed.

    There are two types of Labiaplasty methods. One of them is natural-looking and the other is the barbie vagina method. Although some patients prefer the natural-looking method, the majority prefer the barbie vagina method.

    What is the Barbie Vagina Method?

    The method of shortening the inner lips as much as possible is called barbie vagina. This method was first discovered by the Los Angeles society in the USA. In this application, a lot of tissue is removed from the inner lips. The skin on the clitoris is reduced as much as possible.

    In fact, optionally, a more sexy appearance is obtained by injecting oil into the labia majora. Today, the majority of people who are considering Labiaplasty  choose the barbie method.

    What is Clitoral Hudoplasty?

    The skin that covers the clitoris is called a clitoral hud. Clitoral hudoplasty is an operation to remove skin folds and wrinkles on the clitoris. It is popularly known by the name of clitoris aesthetics.

    What Kind of Negativity Can Be Encountered by Those Who Have Had Labiaplasty?

    Even if it is rare in patients after the operation, bleeding may occur. This is a serious condition. Urgent intervention may be required. Apart from this, it may have effects such as restriction in movements, various pains, swelling and itching.

    Is It Necessary to Be Hospitalized After Surgery?

    After labiaplasty, which is a simple operation, there is not much effect. For this reason, there is usually no need to be hospitalized. But in some special cases it may be necessary to be hospitalized.

    Does It Affect Sexual Pleasure?

    This operation does not have any negative effects on sexual pleasure. In fact, it allows people to have confidence as a result of removing excess tissues and obtaining a beautiful image. Therefore, labiaplasty positively affects sexual pleasure.

    Labiaplasty Turkey Cost 2024

    The most important factor affecting the surgery prices is the amount of enlargement and prolapsing of the labia minora. The greater the amount of prolapsing, the higher the price of the surgery will be.

    In some patients, only sagging treatment is sufficient, while in other patients, it may be necessary to remove the excess skin on the clitoris in addition to Labiaplasty Turkey. However, vainoplasty operation may also be requested along with ladioplasty. Prices may vary depending on the operations performed.

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