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    What is ThermiVa Turkey?

    The thermiva Turkey is one of the most preferred methods. This method is a NON-SURGICAL application applied to the inner and outer lip aesthetics. In this operation, a highly effective vaginal tightening and recovery is performed using radio frequency energy.

    Since ancient times, genital problems have been the nightmare of women. Due to these problems, women are both visually uncomfortable and have a high probability of experiencing self-confidence problems.

    Based on these reasons, genital aesthetic methods are applied. Many treatment methods have been developed in this area. Prolapse and wrinkles in the genital area affect daily life in a bad way. For this reason, women are looking for this type of plastic surgery methods.

    This method, which is the latest product of technology in this field, offers an extremely effective treatment. The ThermiVa Turkey method, which many patients are satisfied with, has become the most preferred genital aesthetic method by women.

    How Does ThermiVa Turkey Work?

    This method is applied to the inner genital area (the entire genital area) and the outer genital area. The operation lasts from 20 to 30 minutes in a single operation, depending on the enlargement and damage of the area to be treated.

    During the application, the temperature is controlled via the panel. In this way, excessive heating of the tissue is prevented. During the procedure, an active emission of radio frequency energy is provided by applying gel on the tissue.

    Thanks to the procedure, unwanted excess skin and wrinkles in the genital area are eliminated. Thus, the vagina gains the desired image. In people with genital aesthetics, it is not noticed that the vagina is aesthetic. It gains a completely natural look. ThermiVa Turkey method is the most preferred method due to the ease of the process.

    What Operations Can Be Performed with ThermiVa Turkey?

    This method is more preferred than other operations in terms of both ease of application and painlessness. Most genital aesthetics can be included in this practice. For example, vaginal tightening is done using this method.

    In the same way, inner lip aesthetics and outer lip aesthetics are also performed through this method. Again, thanks to this method, orgasm problems are treated. People with vaginal dryness are treated with this method. Women who apply for urinary incontinence can also be treated with this method.

    Briefly, most of the genital disorders are treated with the ThermiVa Turkey method. This method is performed with a more advanced technology than all other methods. The treatment, which is completely painless, also provides an extremely beautiful appearance in terms of aesthetics. Besides this beautiful image, the natural look is not lost.

    Who is ThermiVa Turkey Applied to?

    In order to answer the question of whom it applies, first of all, it is necessary to answer the question of whom it does not apply. ThermiVa Turkey method is not applied to young age groups under the age of 18. Likewise, it is not recommended to be applied to people who are pregnant.

    First of all, people are given a smear test. As a result of this test, this application is not applied to people who are found to have abnormal cells, people with active HPV and HSV lesions, people with psychological problems, and people with genital area cancer or predisposition to cancer. Anyone other than those listed is eligible for this method. There is no problem in its application.

    How Many Sessions is the ThermiVa Turkey Application Performed?

    As this treatment can be done as a single session according to the needs and expectations of the person, 2-3 sessions are usually performed. The interval between these sessions should be approximately 1-1 dec5 months. However, according to some circumstances, these sessions may be extended or tightened. If the prolapse and wrinkles are intense, the number of sessions is increased if your doctor deems it appropriate.

    Likewise, people can request to take extra sessions. The specialist physician evaluates the situation. If there is no obstacle or inconvenience in doing it, the sessions are extended under the control of the doctor.

    When Will ThermiVa Turkey Results Be Visible?

    Treatment results are evident even during treatment. That is, people who are treated with ThermiVa Turkey are faced with a visible change as soon as the treatment ends. The treatment takes effect immediately. Patients who have passed 2 weeks after their treatment see the results of the treatment much more clearly. The results become much more pronounced.

    It is a non-surgical application that creates a surgical effect. The only difference is that during this application, there is no pain and aches as in surgery. On the contrary, it is both painless and extremely painless for patients. Patients return to their normal lives within a few hours after treatment.

    Is there any pain in ThermiVa Turkey sessions?

    During these procedures, no local anesthetic cream or general anesthesia is required. Because there is no pain during the procedures. It is possible to say that it is a completely painless treatment. Due to the radio frequency energy given during the treatment, only slight burning may occur in the area. But this pain is not at a level that can be felt.

    Patients do not feel any pain during and after the ThermiVa Turkey operation. Since it is a more advanced and special method compared to other genital aesthetic methods, none of the side effects and pains seen in these applications are seen in this treatment method. On the contrary, it is an extremely painless and painless treatment process.

    What is the Difference Between Vagina Tightening with ThermiVa Turkey and Laser Vagina Tightening?

    In ThermiVa Turkey treatment, which is a controlled radio frequency application, the heat generated both in the probe and in the vagina is clearly defined through the special thermostats on the probe. But in the laser therapy system, the heat setting needs to be carefully adjusted.

    It is possible to make a homogeneous application in ThermiVa Turkey treatment. Likewise, while this application is completely painless, pain and suffering are possible in laser application. With this method, the inner and outer lip tissues that the laser cannot reach are reached and reduction and recovery become possible.

    Most importantly, the procedures made with Thermiva Turkey show a much longer permanence. In summary, it is a more advanced and better method than laser. This method, thanks to the convenience it brings, is a much more preferred method by patients.

    How Long Is ThermiVa Turkey Session?

    Each session of ThermiVa Turkey non-surgical vaginal tightening, whose number of sessions is determined according to the condition of the patients, takes approximately 30 minutes.

    Since the sessions are painless, it is possible to return to normal life immediately afterwards. Sometimes the sessions may be longer depending on the patient’s condition. If the size of the enlargement and sagging in the genital area is excessive, the duration of the sessions can be doubled.

    Likewise, the session duration of patients with less sagging and growth may be much shorter. In summary, it is possible to say that the duration of the sessions is determined according to the patient’s condition. It is possible for the doctor to lengthen or shorten each session according to the condition of the person.

    ThermiVa Turkey Cost 2024

    ThermiVa Turkey costs may vary according to vaginal aesthetics, inner and outer lip correction or similar treatments. A separate fee is paid for each session of the treatment, which is a minimum of 2 sessions. Different fees may be charged for each session.

    Likewise, while there is an increase in price for excessively sagged and damaged vaginas, prices change according to less damage. In other words, when looked at in general terms, prices are determined according to the situation of the people. Pricing is determined by how many ThermiVa Turkey sessions the patient should receive.

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