Vagina Aesthetics Turkey

Vagina Aesthetics Turkey
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    What is Vagina Aesthetics Turkey?

    The Vagina aesthetics Turkey outer lip aesthetics, which has a medical name vulvoplasty, is an operation to correct and reduce the outer lips that develop more than usual. Virginity is of no importance for vulvoplasty surgery.

    People who are virgins can also undergo this operation. The operation area remains 2-3 cm below the hymen. For this reason, it is unlikely that any damage will occur during the surgery. This problem can happen to people who do not have a sexual life.

    How is Vagina Aesthetics Turkey Done?

    A variety of surgical and non-surgical techniques are included in vagina aesthetics Turkey, which is often referred to as cosmetic vaginal surgery or vaginal rejuvenation, with the goal of enhancing the vagina and surrounding tissues’ look, functionality, or feeling. Like in many other nations, gynecologists or plastic surgeons with expertise in this field usually carry out vagina aesthetics Turkey.

    The particular steps involved in vagina aesthetics Turkey might change according on the aims and concerns of the person. Typical methods include the following:

    Labiaplasty: To enhance attractiveness or lessen pain, this treatment involves reshaping or shrinking the labia majora (outer lips) or minora (inner lips).

    A vaginal laxity or looseness that may arise from childbirth or age is addressed with a vaginaloplasty, a surgical technique that tightens the vaginal canal.

    Clitoral Hood Reduction: To increase the clitoral hood’s visibility or boost sexual performance, this operation removes extra tissue around the clitoris.

    Perineoplasty: To treat problems like laxity or scarring, perineoplasty entails tightening or restoring the perineum, which is the region between the vagina and the anus.

    The thin membrane that partly covers the vagina aesthetics Turkey entrance is called the hymen. Hymenoplasty is a surgical surgery that is usually done for cultural or religious reasons.

    The order in which these treatments are carried out may be determined by the patient’s requirements and preferences. It is imperative that anybody thinking about having vaginal cosmetic operations have a comprehensive consultation with a licensed and skilled surgeon to go over their expectations, objectives, and any possible risks or consequences. For certain cosmetic issues, non-surgical alternatives like injectable fillers or laser treatments could also be accessible.

    Prolapsing of Labia Majora

    Labia majora prolapse surgery also eliminates the difficulties experienced in sexual life. In this way, besides obtaining a beautiful image, it also increases sexual pleasure. Today, many people may face genital problems.

    People who encounter such problems, get a natural and beautiful appearance by having vagina aesthetics Turkey, as well as overcoming the self-confidence problems that occur due to prolapsing.

    How Is Outer Lip Aesthetics Performed?

    The treatments applied in this method are generally similar to each other. The type of vagina aesthetics Turkey is determined individually. In other words, the methods applied vary according to the age of the person and the intensity of the prolapsing.

    In cases where prolapsing is excessive, lip lift surgery is performed. But if the prolapsing is not too much, it is sufficient to fill the outer lips. There is no drug treatment available to treat these prolapsing. It is possible to perform this surgery in two ways.

    In these operations, two different fillers are used. In the first method, hyaluronic acid filling is used. This filling is the same as the fillings used in lip and facial aesthetics. The permanence of the filling varies between 6 and 9 months. This filler has water absorption feature.

    Thanks to this feature, it stretches the wrinkled skin and makes it appear fuller. Local anesthesia is used in this operation. In the second method, oil filling is applied to the area. In this application, some fat is taken from areas where fat layers are dense, such as the belly and hips, and this fat tissue is injected into the area to be filled.

    To Whom Is Vagina Aesthetic Turkey Applied?

    This operation can be performed on anyone over the age of 18. The hymen is located 1-2 cm ahead of the operation area. Therefore, it does not have any contact with the hymen. Apart from this, every woman, old and young, can have a labia majora aesthetic. There is a possibility that every woman will encounter the problems mentioned.

    When this operation is performed by specialist physicians, it is both short-term and painless for patients. For this reason, there is no harm in doing it for patients of all ages. But since people under the age of 18 will be considered children, it will not be appropriate for them to undergo such surgeries.

    What Causes Outer Lip Prolapsing?

    Various factors can cause prolapse. Sometimes these problems are congenital. But this is a very rare type. Sometimes these problems are congenital. But this is a very rare species. Mostly, it occurs due to reasons such as weight gain and loss and giving birth. Sometimes it is seen that these problems are caused by external factors that damage the vagina, such as waxing. Depending on these reasons, prolapsing and wrinkles may occur on the outer lip.

    These damages cause both visual impairment and self-confidence problems in people. People who suffer from this condition aim to eliminate these problems by having an esthetics on the outer lip of the vagina. Whatever the reason, these problems are completely eliminated thanks to this surgery.

    What are the Post-Labia Majora Aesthetics Process?

    Patients with labia minora vagina aesthetics Turkey performed under local anesthesia can leave after staying in the clinic for about two hours after the operation. People are informed about the cleaning and dressing of the area. Antibiotics and painkillers are given against possible pain and infections.

    People who want to work can return to work the day after the operation. Showers can be taken 24 hours after surgery. Putting pads in underwear for two or three days allows it to be more comfortable and convenient.

    It is necessary to avoid sports and excessively active activities for at least two weeks. In about two weeks, the stitches will drop. After the stitches drop, sexual life can be resumed.

    How is Vagina Outer Lip Prolapse Treatment Performed?

    Genital aesthetic operations can be performed in many ways. Filling is the most preferred method among the other methods. If people do not prefer to have fillers or if excessive prolapsing of the outer lip prevents filling, in such cases, vagina aesthetics Turkey is taken care of with surgery. In this way, a firmer and younger appearance is obtained.

    In this operation, prolapsed and wrinkled areas are removed. After the operation, an extremely smooth and tense image is obtained. If desired, vaginoplasty and labiaplasty procedures can also be performed within the same operation. These preferences are left to the patients themselves.

    Why is Vagina Outer Lip Prolapse Surgery Requested?

    Genital problems have long been problems that make women look bad both in appearance and cause them to experience self- confidence deficiencies due to this bad image. These problems are mostly prolapsed and wrinkles that are sometimes congenital due to reasons such as childbirth or rapid weight gain. Women who are faced with such situations may want to have a vagina aesthetics Turkey.

    Nowadays, some treatment methods have been developed to prevent such problems. Procedures performed by specialized doctors bring permanent solutions to these problems. Thanks to this, women regain their lost self-confidence by regaining their former and beautiful appearance.

    What are the Reasons for Vagina Outer Lips to Be Large?

    The fact that the outer lips are larger than usual can be due to many reasons. This condition is sometimes congenital. But this is a situation that is rarely encountered. It sometimes happens that there is a genetic predisposition in patients with this problem.

    But one of the most common factors is giving birth. At the same time, outer lip growth may occur due to reasons such as waxing, weight loss, and so on. Most often, prolapsing of the outer lip is observed in people who are overweight.

    Excessive prolapse and size cause excessive sweating and excessive infection increase. At the same time, this prolapsing causes image disorders based on excessive lubrication in the hump-shaped area located above the vagina.

    An aesthetic appearance is achieved by restoring the fatting and prolapsing that occur in this area by performing an aesthetic operation on the outer lip of the vagina.

    What are the Most Commonly Encountered Main Problems in the Genital Area?

    One of the most common problems in the genital area is prolapsing of the outer lip. In addition to this, it is possible to encounter many problems in this region.

    Likewise, the genital area can be treated for many reasons such as wrinkles and dimples on the outer lip, inner lip being large and drooping, the genital area being excessively dark, the vaginal entrance being too wide, the scars of the stitches thrown during childbirth and causing a bad appearance and many other reasons.

    Vagina Aesthetics Turkey Cost 2024

    Vaginal problems are very common nowadays. For this reason, the demand for vagina aesthetics Turkey has increased. Vagina aesthetic Turkey costs may vary according to the type of aesthetics and the condition of the people.

    If the prolapsing in the vagina is too much and more procedures are requested during the surgery, the prices increase at this rate. But in cases where the prolapse are less, the price range will be lower.

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