Vagina Tightening Turkey

Vagina Tightening Turkey
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    What is Vagina Tightening Turkey?

    The procedures performed to restore enlarged and lost vaginas are called vagina tightening turkey. These procedures are done to narrow and restore the vagina. Vaginal tightening is handled both gynecologically and cosmetically.

    Looking beautiful should not be perceived as just an outward appearance. As well as being well-groomed in a personal sense, looking beautiful in the sense of a special shade also makes people happy. With advancing age, these become more important.

    Why Are Vagina Tightening Turkey Surgeries Performed?

    For various reasons, over time, the vagina may also become abundant and enlarged. When these abundances are too much, they begin to cause trouble. For this reason, women who are faced with this condition may want to have a vagina tightening Turkey surgery and eliminate this problem.

    How Long Does Vagina Tightening Turkey Surgery Take?

    The duration of surgery, which has a medical name Vaginoplasty, varies depending on the type of operation. Laser operations end in as little as 15 minutes. Stitched procedures, on the other hand, are longer in duration. It takes about 35-40 minutes. Operations are performed under anesthesia.

    Non-Surgical Vagina Tightening Turkey with Laser

    One of the conveniences brought by the age of technology is laser operations. Laser is also used in vagina tightening Turkey procedures. Thanks to the said radiation therapy, no incisions and stitches are required. This operation, which carries much less risk than surgical interventions, is a very easy procedure for the patient.

    After this procedure, you will not encounter long-lasting pain and twinge. Anesthesia is not required for this procedure. Laser beams are sent into the vagina through a probe. Laser beams penetrate into the vagina by 3 mm. It is done with the help of rays.

    Hymen Repairing with Vagina Tightening Turkey

    Vagina Surgeries are very simple and short-term surgeries. While performing the vagina tightening Turkey procedure, hymen repair can also be performed upon request. These processes are also done with the help of laser. This procedure, which is both painless and short, is a very simple procedure.

    How Many Types of Vagina Tightening Turkey Surgery?

    There are 2 types of vagina tightening Turkey surgery. One of them is the laser system. This method, which is done with laser beams, is much more painless and takes a short time. This method is the more preferred method. Another method is the operation performed with surgical intervention. This operation is done by making incisions and stitches. However, with the development of technology today, since we perform device-assisted minimally invasive surgeries, post-procedure processes are very comfortable for patients.

    What is vaginal labia minora surgery?

    This procedure is called labiaplasty. Reducing the labium minor, which is called the inner lip, is to make it better in terms of aesthetics and health.

    How much does Vagina Tightening Turkey Cost 2024?

    The color lightening process in the genital area is between 2000€, 3000€ on average. The price is determined according to the laser device to be used during the procedure, the number of shots to be made, the width of the area and the depth of the darkening.

    Which department does the vaginal plastic surgery?

    This surgery is performed by obstetrics-gynecology and plastic surgery. However, anatomically and physiologically, it would be more appropriate and healthier for a gynecologist to perform this procedure.

    Is vaginal whitening permanent?

    If the factors that cause darkening are removed, it is permanent. As long as the factors are maintained, darkening may continue and repeat the procedure may be required.

    Can Vagina Tightening Turkey Be Applied to Women Who Haven’t Had a Childbirth?

    These procedures can be applied to any woman who wishes. Any woman who has problems with the genital area can undergo this operation. Therefore, it is okay for women who have not given birth to undergo a vagina tightening Turkey operation.

    What Do Vagina Tightening Surgeries Gain?

    These operations can be performed for many reasons. The procedures, applied at intervals of 6-8 weeks, as 3-4 sessions, are applied to increase sexual arousal between partners, to facilitate orgasm or to treat urinary incontinence problems.

    What are the Risks of Vagina Tightening Turkey Operation?

    Vaginoplasty is sometimes performed using general anesthesia and sometimes local anesthesia. If the procedures are not performed by an experienced physician, the risks of the operation include bleeding, pain during intercourse due to excess tissue loss, or inability to have intercourse at all, and risks of infection. Recovery time may take 4-6 weeks. However, since there is a risk of infection in this process, this recovery period may take longer if care is not taken.

    How is Laser Vagina Tightening Turkey Surgery Performed?

    Since it does not require any stitches and incisions, laser vagina tightening Turkey operation is more preferred. Because this method is very easy and comfortable for the patient. There is no pain, and no anesthesia is applied.

    Laser beams are sent into the vagina with the help of a probe. These laser beams are sent 3 cm into the vagina. These rays heat the tissues and activate the collagen and fibroblasts in the tissue.

    When is normal life returned after Vagina Tightening Surgery Turkey?

    Vaginoplasty surgery is a very easy operation. Patients do not have to suffer pain during this operation. After a short procedure, the operation is completed. It is important to be careful after the surgery. This return to normal can take up to 4 to 6 weeks.

    Does Vagina Enlarge Again After Vagina Tightening Turkey?

    Vaginoplasty surgery is a permanent operation. The important thing in this surgery is to achieve a permanent tightness. So, unless there is significant damage, it is unlikely to be a problem. This damage can only be caused by a major operation such as childbirth. Unless this is the case, the probability of the vagina expanding again is extremely low.

    What Should You Consider When Choosing Your Doctor for Vaginoplasty Surgery?

    Vaginoplasty surgery is an extremely important operation. For this reason, it is necessary to be careful in choosing a doctor. It is extremely important that the doctor with whom you will have vagina tightening Turkey surgery is experienced and specialized in this regard.

    A novice doctor is more likely to make a mistake. Therefore, it is extremely important to be extremely careful and selective in choosing a doctor and clinic. Especially in a sensitive issue such as narrowing, it is necessary to be even more careful.

    When is it recommended to have sexual intercourse after Vagina Tightening Turkey Rejuvenation Vaginoplasty Surgery?

    Recovery time after vaginoplasty surgery can take from 4 to 6 weeks. However, in 1-1 and a half months, the tissues heal greatly. During this period, having sexual intercourse causes the tissues to heal later and the operation cannot be achieved at the desired rate.

    When to Apply to the Clinic for Suture Removal After Vagina Tightening Surgery?

    Stitches taken after the operation should be removed within 2-3 weeks. During this period, it is necessary to have the stitches removed by applying to the clinic.

    Is it possible to come from outside of Istanbul and return on the same day for Vaginal Narrowing Surgery?

    This operation takes a very short time. Surgery with an incision takes between 45 minutes and 1 hour. Laser surgery is completed in 15 to 30 minutes. For this reason, it is possible to come back during the day and have an operation.

    Do Vaginal Structures Return to Their Old Form After Vaginal Narrowing Surgery?

    After the operation, the vaginal structures are completely restored. And after that, as long as it doesn’t get very serious damage, it keeps its shape. We can give the example of giving birth to these important damages. As long as such a situation is not encountered, no problems will occur. After the operation is completed, there is a recovery period of several months. When this period is completed, the vagina becomes completely natural.

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